Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Fun with Faithful Friends

Now that June has come to a close and summer is in full swing I thought I'd do a post or two highlighting some of the fun we've has with our friends these past few months

Back in May we had a wonderful dinner with our friends the Deutmeyers.

Look at these two cuties!

Molly's ranch potatoes were soooo good!

Also during the month of May our church had our Mission to the city. Which is a mission trip to Des Moines! It includes all the activities you would find on a regular mission trip minus the traveling long distance... and you get to sleep in your own bed!
Since I'm a mother of two, serving Des Moines looks different for me and other stay at home mommies. Which is why some of the wonderful mom's created Mom's Mission to the City. There were opportunities to serve/share the gospel in realistic mom ways. 

We attended three of the MM2TC events but unfortunately I only remembered to bring my camera to one of them. 

We went to the Scottish Rite Park retirement home and the kids sang and then handed out pages that the Sunday school kids had colored. 

Beautiful new momma Amber and her darling little girl  Jocelyn

 Each of the kiddos took turns telling everyone their name, age and favorite summer activity.

This is my friend Meg's oldest son Quinn, he did great speaking!

If I counted right (there was one mom and child there that were not in photo) there was 10 moms and 20 children present. And that doesn't even count the babies that were still being carried in some of the mom's tummies!

The kids had fun playing around the pretty water fountain they had out front.

After their debut at the Scottish Rite the girls and I joined the Rude and Kurth family for a picnic lunch under the pavilion at the fire station. Where these two cuties got a good look at each other.

This is Titan, the youngest son of my friend Meg. Isn't he handsome!

Here's a few from one of our bible study hang outs at the De Vries. I love these people!

Our bible study added 7 babies in the last year!!!

More to come...

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