Thursday, April 4, 2013


So I found a fun recipe online for slime and when I went to make it I thought hhhmmm what color should slime be? Well if you live in the Scherb house where all things are GIRL, then you would agree that slime should definitely be...PURPLE!

Here are a few snap shots of my little dolls in enjoying there purple slime in the tub.
first reactions were something like this... guess purple slime might be slightly cold

I made one large mistake though... that's right, as you can see I poured it in their hair. Now for Kayla's hair this wasn't so bad buttttt never again in miss kiki's hair. Ugh that was a chore!

Lots of fun was had! And we saved it and will have another purple slime bath time soon!

Happy Birfday tu u!

Happy First Birthday to my sweet rolly polly nephew, Parker!

This little boy gives non stop smiles and melts hearts daily. I'm so thankful to get to be a part of his life, love you P!!!!

Wow... I mean...look at those gorgeous eyes!

 With lots of family there to celebrate, Parker's big day was so much fun!

Kayla taking Parker's new ride for a safety test

like always the girls are dancin

Grandma's as beautiful as ever!

My niece Jordyn and my dad got all dressed up because they were headed to a very special father daughter dance, after the party. She has grown up so much! Isn't she beautiful?!

Excited to see how you grow and chance over this next year Parker!