Thursday, October 27, 2011

Monday family funday, Punkin carvin!

Monday Oct. 10th we choose to decorate our pumpkins. Kiara received a black cat that you just poke into the pumpkin rather than carving, from grandma Diane so we started with that one. Thanks grandma!

Next came the mess part! We cut the top to the big pumpkin and began scooping out the insides! Daddy was excited to clean and bake them. We tried to choose a not so scary picture for our pumpkin. It was a catbat! We all had a hand in helping with the cutting. Here's Daddy working hard.

Here's the finished product. It turned out a little creeper than we wanted but oh well, it was still fun!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday, family funday! Oct 3rd

Monday Oct. 3rd we choose to do a picnic at the park. We went to saylorville and had our picnic by the dam. Not the sweetest smelling place for a picnic but it worked. Then we went for a drive around the park until we found a playground to play at. It weather was great and we all enjoyed our time together.

My favorite pic of these two

I've been trying to teach Kiara the difference between a park and a playground. She gets really mad when we say were at the park and she can't see a playground.

Kiara has really started to "pose" for pictures

the fall colors beginning to show

a peek at the pretty sunset across the lake

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Four blessed months!

I walked out of the house today on our way to church and thought, wow! Four months ago on this day, at this time, I was sitting in my hospital bed excitedly awaiting the arrival of baby Scherb.

The night before, I felt the day would never arrive and I would be pregnant forEVER. As most of my readers know, Kayla was induced after refusing to come on her own a week after her due date. In my opinion she was two weeks late, I mean come on, babies are not supposed to be ten and a half pounds when their born!

Maybe it was her way of telling me she's going to be stubborn, just like her momma just like her daddy.

The past four months have flown by. Where did summer go? Well if you live in Iowa, no where! The Lord has blessed us with a never-ending summer. But gone are the days of playing in the pool and tropical snow.

 Part of me is sad, sad that my little baby is growing up so fast. Sad that I may forget all the wonderful baby things she's done. All the wonderful snuggles, smiles, giggles, screams, and wiggles. But I know she has to grow up, and I'm more thankful than words can express to my Lord for giving me four beautiful months with her.

I can only pray that the Lord blesses us with many more months and years to raise and nurture the soul of this beautiful little girl.

Happy four month birthday baby girl
Mommy loves you!

Here's a fun little photo shoot we did when she got her new baby leggings

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First shared bath time!

When Kiara was less than six months old, I took a bath with her.  I was laying back in the bathtub and had her on my tummy face down towards me. The water did not come up over me so I thought there was no danger of her putting her face in it. But, some water gathered on my chest and she did a head dip and took a breath when she did it. She choked! And turned blue!!! I've never been so scared in my ENTIRE life. As I pounded her back I yelled for help. Her father ran in grabbed her and continued to give her back blows.... She finally took a breath.

I cried and cried and cried.  And NEVER put her in the bath with me again.

I've been a bit paranoid about my children and bath safety ever since that traumatic event with Kiara. 
Well, I took on the task of bathing both of my girls together for the first time the other day. I must admit I was a little nervous. Kiara is pretty hyper and I worried about being able to keep Kayla safe while in the tub with Kiara. But it turned out wonderfully! Kiara did well with staying calm and following my directions on keeping Kayla safe. And they both had lots of fun!!!

I just think she's so darn tootin cute!

pretty little smile

Look at how Kayla watches everything Kiara does, she really loves her big sister!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Taking a walk

Last night was such a fun night with my family. Josh, Kiara, Kayla and I took a walk when Josh got home from work. We each had a kid in the stroller and took the long way around to the park that is right by our home.

Josh played with Kiara and a sweet little 6yr. old boy there named Elijah. They played frisbee with our large, colorful, fabric frisbee. Then they played tag with the frisbee. Josh is so good at playing with our children as well as others. He has such a playful and silly personality that the kids just love!

Kayla and I watched this sweet interaction and got some good snuggle time with her blanket, it was chilly outside.

Then I put Kayla in the baby swing. So cute! There she was so small all wrapped up in a blanket swinging away.

We got some cute pics of the girls and daddy and the girls and me but they're on my, "no internet" phone.
:( I don't like that I take so many good pics on my phone and have no way of sharing them.

But here are a few random photo's I can share with you!