Saturday, October 1, 2011

Taking a walk

Last night was such a fun night with my family. Josh, Kiara, Kayla and I took a walk when Josh got home from work. We each had a kid in the stroller and took the long way around to the park that is right by our home.

Josh played with Kiara and a sweet little 6yr. old boy there named Elijah. They played frisbee with our large, colorful, fabric frisbee. Then they played tag with the frisbee. Josh is so good at playing with our children as well as others. He has such a playful and silly personality that the kids just love!

Kayla and I watched this sweet interaction and got some good snuggle time with her blanket, it was chilly outside.

Then I put Kayla in the baby swing. So cute! There she was so small all wrapped up in a blanket swinging away.

We got some cute pics of the girls and daddy and the girls and me but they're on my, "no internet" phone.
:( I don't like that I take so many good pics on my phone and have no way of sharing them.

But here are a few random photo's I can share with you!

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