Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More pictures

 Some fun baby Kayla info...

1. She began attempting to get her hands to her mouth last week and has all but mastered this skill this week. Therefore not needing her binky as often.

2. She began rubbing her eyes this week. She's not very good at it and sometimes it results in her punching herself in the eye but she's really working on that hand-eye coordination.

3. For at least the last 4 nights she has slept through the night!!! Last night she slept 9 hours and I had to wake her up to feed her!

Ok on to the pictures
 (sorry some of the pictures are blurry, my camera doesn't work very well)

"Mommy look! I told you my hand looks big!"

This is Kayla's response to seeing daddy for the first time in the morning, I love it!!!

i think this one's my favorite

Look at those cheeks!!!

God blessed me with such beautiful girls!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Two months

Kayla had her two month check up this Thursday, which meant SHOTS :(
Which meant tears. I held mine back as much as possible, its just so hard to watch her scream in pain and be completely helpless in stopping that pain. But we prevailed! And besides the shots, all went well.

Kayla is growing and healthy. She now weighs 13lbs 4oz and she's measuring 24 inches long, which means in 10 short weeks she's gained 2lbs 13oz and grown 2.5 inches. She is in the 92% for both.

All in all were thanking the Lord everyday for the health of our baby girl as well as the health of the rest of our family. GOD is good!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Here's a few photo updates from the Scherb's summer

Kiara had a small birthday party when we got back from our vacation, at her favorite location Chuck E Cheese

She's really into Hello Kitty these days

We also made tie dye shirts with my best friend Chrissi in celebration of Kiara's birthday. It was the first time Kiara and I had done this and it was so much fun. Thanks Chrissi!

Can you see the green "K" ???

Kayla's pink green and white onesie on the right is my favorite.

Josh and I have been cooking quite a bit this summer. Our favorite way to cook is grilling! On this evening we prepared fresh green beans in a skillet (sauteed with olive oil, fresh garlic and soy sauce), some quick pasta and grilled deliciously seasoned chicken breast.

We made our annual trip to the Iowa state fair! The fair is something I look forward to each year. Kiara was pretty excited to go this year too.

This race car ride was the first one Kiara choose. It was pure joy to watch the excitement on her face as she rode the ride.

Kiara's second ride of choice. The helicopter!

Look how high this ride goes! She was such a brave girl and rode all by herself!!!

Were getting excited for the upcoming fall activities, but still very sad to think summer is almost over. Josh can't wait for football season to start and were both very excited for our bible study to begin next Tuesday.

Well that's all folks!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Baby Kayla 7wks

Here are some fun photo's of Baby Kayla from her first 7 weeks

Kayla and Oliver, She made a friend right away!

She looks so small to me in this picture

This is my favorite photograph of Kayla, I just don't think it can get much sweeter than this!

Big yawns

Gotta love that face

She looks like she's up to something mischievous in this one

Sweet sleeping girl

Mommies little tennis player

Learning how to smile!!!

kisses from daddy!

look how long she's getting! Last check in with the Dr. She was 23.5 inches long and about 11.5 lbs