Raising children is such a blessing. And listening to them learn to speak is just plain funny.
Here are the things Kiara has said over her lifetime that I want to remember and share with all of you.

ME:           kiara, say wet wipes
KIKI:       wet lipes
ME:             no, say wet
KIKI:             wet
ME:           now say wipes
KIKI:            lipes
ME:            no, wet wwwwipes
KIKI:       wet wwwwlipes
ME:     bbbaahhhhbahhahahahha no wet wipes!!!
                                                        AGE 1 to 2

"Stam up mommy"
AGE 1 to 2

Sorry a few minutes in, for some reason, I turn the camera sideways :(

Kiara's baby sister learned to blow raspberries with her mouth. 
And this is what kiara says;
"that's a make of a cykamo"
I said "what?"
Again she says "that's the make of a cykamo" "vvvrrrooommm vvvvrrrroom"
This time I got it. Somehow she mixed up her "M" and her "S" and meant to say "that is the sound of a motorcycle"
Hahahhahah Funny!!!
9/28/11 AGE 4

Are we going to Grandpa and Grandpa's?
AGE 3 to 4 

I just wish we could live at chuck e cheese. But their closed.
10/8/11 AGE 4

Walked up to aunt amanda and said "is the baby in your tummy"
amanda says "Yep"
Kiara replies "Oh (sssnnniifff) I can't smell the baby!"
10/15/11 AGE 4

Mommy: Kiara did you go potty?
Kiara: where did it go!!!!!!!???
Mommy: where did what go?
Kiara: My pee!!! It wont come out
11/2/11 AGE 4

While running around the house pretending to be riding a horse this is what you will hear Kiara saying...
"giddyumpaa giddyumpaa"
that's right, somehow she didn't learn the normal phrase of "giddy up giddy up"
12/1/11 AGE 4

When I asked Kiara if she knew that her teeth were going to fall out (her baby teeth being replaced by permanent ones) She replied "ya I'm gonna get purple ones" 
2/5/12 AGE 4 1/2 

Kiara looks at me and says "I'm parched, I'm going to get a drink of water" 
LOL, She's been watching too many barbie movies
3/15/12 AGE 4 1/2

Arguing with me about whether or not she was cold,  Kiara says 
"yes I are!"
4/21/12 AGE 4 3/4

Kiara began calling flies "bits" after they kept biting us while we were in grandpa rod's backyard. Then for the next week every time she saw a bump on me she would ask "is that from the bits?
7/29/12 AGE 5

Our conversation, on the way to her upwards cheer practice...
Me: Kiara is Coach Cody just a substitute?
Kiara: A SUBSTIPOOP??!!! 
Me: ahhahahahahahahahahahahah (uncontrollably for 5mins)
2/4/13 AGE 5 

As we are playing restaurant Kiara says "oh ya and I put a battery in this whole restaurant so it will stay going, cause it was about to die". HAHAHA then we had a fun talk about electricity
3/4/13 AGE 5 

Kiara looks at me and says..." I want to have a baby when I grow up but I just don't want to have to get a flu shot"....LOL, oh dear child of mine if pregnancy and birth were just as simple and painless as a flu shot... 
4/11/13 AGE 5
During dinner tonight we were graced with these two statement from Kiara..."my chicken is dripping" We ate pork steaks. And "this steak is better than a roller-coaster" she's never been on a roller-coaster. I LoVe this kid!
4/13/13 AGE 5

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