Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Life of a toddler

Its been to long since I've posted to even try and "catch up". So instead putting off blogging until I can, I'm just going to start where I'm at.

My sweet little babe is growing up and I don't want to forget all the cute little things she is doing at this age. This post will mostly be interesting to me but if you choose to read on, here we go...

AGE: 1yr. 7mos. 2wks. 5days... to be exact

HAIR: Bleach blonde, thin, straight (she needs her bangs trimmed but it would be her first hair cut, and I can't bring myself to do it)

EYES: Blue....still, she got um from her daddy

HEIGHT: 32 5/8 inches (60%)

WEIGHT: 24lbs 15oz  (72%)

HEAD CIR: 18 1/4in. (47%)

SLEEPS: From around 9p to 8a + 1.5 nap in the afternoon

All fruit!!!
Veggies: peas, green beans, corn
Meat: hotdogs (asks for them by name) all others it depending on how its prepped and her mood
Dairy: yogurt, cheese, ice cream
Grain: oatmeal, cereal, spaghetti and mac and cheese
Randoms: Green and black olives, crackers, chips, sweets(cookies, candy, fruit snacks), pickles,

NEW WORDS: Apple, ot dog (hot dog), num num (any food), sheep, tree (three), chick, she makes rocking out on the guitar sounds, eye

 Now for the fun stuff!!!
  • Transitioned into her big kid bed about 5 weeks ago (after she learned to climb out of her crib (pack n play). It was a rough start for her to learn to stay in bed but we have a routine down now and most nights she goes to sleep with out any problems.
  • I still get a little snuggle in my arms time before bed, where she loves to poke my eyes, pull on my ears and smack my cheeks. 
  • Still falls asleep playing with her ears.
  • Sleeps with the life size baby she got for Christmas (thanks aunt Jenn!)
  • Loves to repeatedly yell my name(or daddies) until we look at her, then points to stuff and says the name. Like...BALL! or BABY! 
  • We've been working on saying two word phrases these past few weeks but she still puts a long pause between words. 
  • HOWEVER! She does say "I love you" which sounds more like "I ya u" but is complete music to my ears!
  • She is beginning to desire her daddy more. She asks each morning after waking up where he is with a "DADDY???" To which I usually reply "daddies bye-bye, he's at work"
  • She loves to play...BALL! This is the greatest new thing in our home. She gets the ball and then insists you play catch with her. And she is so good! She quickly learned how to hold her arms in order to be able to catch the ball and is wonderful at throwing. Not to mention a hoot to watch!
  • She has found her inner NO! And lets it out quite often. Lately it has been in response to just about anything her big sister has said. 
  • We have yet to get rid of her beloved binki. She is allowed to have it at nap and bedtime. We have successfully gotten rid of it in the car.  Part of me has great guilt over this, thinking her teeth are going to get messed up or that I'm not doing well with teaching her ways to self sooth. But the other part of me thinks... she looks so darn cute sucking on that thing, so baby like and wow it is nice to have in a jam when she just won't calm down.
  • She likes to take her pants off....and sometimes her diaper too.
  • She still insists on doing everything her big sister is doing.
  • She loves to snuggle with mommy and daddy on the couch and watch what she calls a "maamoo" (movie)
  • She loves ELMO. I don't know why I thought I'd get away without having a child that loves that funny little red creature but I did. I was wrong. Its my fault. One day I realized we had a dvd of Elmo and the Sesame street gang and though it might keep her entertained while I was cooking. Boy was I right, entertained she was, addicted she was! She has requested and watch it countless times since. oh yeah...
  • The tantrums have begun. Therefor the discipline also has begun. Not fun
  • She has made a cover-all word, a word that she uses anytime she doesn't know how to say a word, that word is...beebaa. IT IS FUNNY!
My favorite things about Kayla right now...
  1.  Her smile
  2. She prays with us and YELLS "amen!" when where through
  3. Playing ball with her
  4. Her crazy squeezy hugs
  5. Watching her eat (her little mouth is just so darn cute!)
  6. The way/voice she uses to say No!
  7. Watching her dance, she's got moves! 
  8. Her snuggles
  9. Watching her play mommy to her babies
  10. Her voice
  11. Watching her run, oh so funny 

The not so joyous moments of toddlertown...

  1. Hearing the word "no" at the volume and frequency at which she says it
  2. The Tantrums
  3. The fact that shoes are almost pointless as they never stay on longer than 30 seconds in the car
  4. The fact that she has figured out how to open the sliding glass door
  5. The fact that she has not gotten through her sweet little head that it is not ok to throw everything from the highchair on the floor
  6. Teaching her that the computers are not for her to touch
  7. The living room stays clean for... wait, no, it Never stays clean, not even for a moment

I am constantly amazed at how much I love this little person. And even more amazed when I think about how our Heavenly Father loves us so much more! Oh I have such joy when I think about spending eternity with both of them.