Monday, March 17, 2014

The Upward Rainbows

Kiara recently finished her second year of participating in the Upwards sports program. We love this program because not only does it teach fun athletics but it teaches the love of Christ! She choose to do cheer-leading again this year. She sure is my girly girl.

The year started off with this super fun cheer camp. Lots of girls, lots of giggles and lots of squealing!!!

 We went to lots of games where kiara did great at putting to practice all she had learned and cheering on the many Upward basketball players.

 After each game the girls and coaches got together to celebrate each of the girls strenghths that game. They each got a star of varying colors depending on how they really shined in that game. Stars were giving for things like "Christ likeness" "Good Spirit" "Great leadership".  They also took turns bringing sweet treats to share with all.

One of the highlights of the year was the opportunity for the girls to cheer for the Energy basketball team. It was an event our whole family was able to attend as well as Papa Rod and Grandma Diane. It was so much fun!

This wasn't even all of the girls participating in cheer this year! The announcer made a comment about them being the largest cheer squad they have had visit.

We of course couldn't pass up the opportunity for a photo with the real Energy cheer leaders. Kayla was quick to ask for one as well. 

 I didn't get any pictures of the end of the year awards ceremony because my batteries were dead, boo! The rainbows along with others preformed a cheer to music for the first time. And were entertained by the very talented Spintacular. They also got to hear a sweet message on the saving grace of Jesus Christ. 

This season was a bit more of a struggle from mom because dad was unable to attend practices and games this year. Even though the schedule was rough the joy of getting to see how much she has grown in ability since last year was wonderful. Her little sister seemed to enjoy it just as much as she did and will have a tough time waiting two more years to be able to participate!

Thank you to everyone that volunteered with Upwards at Walnut Creek Church this year, your labor was a blessing!

January in a nutshell

Our 2014 started of wonderfully! Here's a little of our fun...

 Got to meet this sweet boy! Carver DeVries, our good friends Luke and Lauren's second born son.

Spent a few nights like this. Breaking bread with friends from our community group. This particular night was potato soup night, yummmm!

We were blessed to spend a few days with this fun little girl! Miss Dava fits right in with my girls, they are great friends.  Really this particular photo made it onto the blog due to the spectacular face my little miss Kayla is making. I mean look at that, that photo will come out to be chuckled about for years to come.

One might think she was mimicking our cat KoKo!