Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mothers day

After church on mother's day it was a wet soggy mess and the forecast for the rest of the day didn't seem much better. But I remained hopeful. See, I had this delightful day planned in my head. It went like so... 
1. Church 
2. Return home to make a picnic lunch 
3. Enjoy said lunch while delighting in the smells and views of many many lilacs!

A little known fact about myself is that my favorite flowers are, yep you guessed it, lilacs! But somehow I didn't know about Ewing park and the lilac arboretum until last year and didn't make it out to see them before the blossoms died off. So I have been looking forward to making it out there this year! And in my mind mother's day seemed like the perfect day!

Well even though the weather didn't cooperate for a picnic, we just did lunch at home and when the clouds parted and the sun began to shine I jumped at the opportunity to get my family out there. 

And we got some amazing family photo's! If I had thought to grab my tripod we may have actually gotten an entire family photo but non the less we still got A LOT of really great one's!

We began by smelling that wonderful aroma, oh its so good!

And then we took a stroll through what they call the children's forest. We talked about the names of the different trees with the girls and Kayla began her collection of dandelions.

Baby Scherb #3 enjoyed the walk as well

Then we returned to the lilacs and enjoyed finding a sweet robins nest and taking more photos.

I have never seen a sweeter photo of these two!
Here you can see my true love for this flower

I felt so blessed to spend the afternoon enjoying the great outdoors and most of all my favorite people in the world! God has blessed me in great ways and I am thankful! Which makes me think of my memory verse for this week... Psalms 16:5-6 says...Lord, you alone are my inheritance, my cup of blessing. You guard all that is mine. The land you have given me is a pleasant land. What a wonderful inheritance!

Friday, May 9, 2014


So if you haven't heard of a babymoon before all it really is, is a vacation for expecting parents before the baby arrives (or sometimes shortly after). And I though since Josh and I haven't spent a weekend alone since our honeymoon it was a great idea!

We choose to go to the Mall of America since neither of us had spent any time there as adults and his parents live on the way up there and agreed to watch our girls! I did my homework and found some great deals that got us a sweet hotel room with free passes to the Sea life aquarium in the mall and also found a groupon for the mirror maze at half price.

We headed up on a Thursday after Josh got off work and spent the night at my in-laws in Rockwell IA and then the next morning set off for the rest of our travels up to Eagan, MN. After checking into our room we headed off to the pool deciding that a friday at 3pm might be the best time to have the pool to our selves and we were right we enjoyed about an hour of fun alone.

One thing I requested that we do in our time alone was go out to one "fancy" dinner. I enjoy dressing up and going out but it doesn't happen much in our busy life with young children. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Doolittles Woodfire Grill!

Had to grab a few baby bump photos!

If I can recommend one thing to do at the mall it would be the mirror maze. The price is low and it is so much fun! I was a little nervous that it may be too "easy" or just not that fun but I was so wrong! They have you wear plastic gloves and ask you to keep your hands in front of you so you don't run into any mirrors, I though "sure like I won't be able to tell what's a mirror", again wrong! We went through for about 10mins laughing and having a good time and then found what we thought was the end, I was a little sad thinking oh that's it, again WRONG! We had only found our way back to the beginning! So Josh says "this time just follow me" and we found the end, again WRONG! At this point I was laughing really hard because we just couldn't find the end! Third time is a charm and in our third attempt to make our way through the maze we found our way out. Laughing all the way, love it!

My husband loves lego's! They bring back many childhood memories for him, I am also a fan.

I really like taking photo's of odd things and angles so I let my husband roam the store while I snapped a few fun photo's of there huge lego piece wall.

Onto Sea Life!

My favorite part was being able to touch some sea life!

This guy felt so neat, just like a spiky rock!

 These eels reminded me so much of the little mermaid! Ursala's eels!
 These worms creeped me out!

 He was waving "Hi"

 I love how pretty the jelly fish are!

 Look at the cute little horsey

 Now that's a big turtle

 Poisonous dart frogs

These little dudes were a bit scary

Over all I couldn't have asked for a more fun filled weekend with my husband and as an added bonus this pregnant lady got in some exercise by walking her tush off in the mall. So thankful for my husband and time alone with him!