Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mini vacation part 2

After our visit to Waverly we headed to our destination of Rockwell where Josh's parents live. We spent four nights enjoying them, relaxing and visiting another great park. With all this wonderful warm March weather we thought we must be outside.

Again we started off at the swings...

Grandpa Scherb was their cheering squad!

Then we moved on to the super cool train!

Here Grandpa Scherb popped his head in to say Hi!
YES! that was fun

After running all over this amazing playground, my husband suggest taking a walk to see the rest of the park. I though hhmmm rest of the park? I could see there was a sidewalk around the outside of the playground but didn't see that it really went anywhere but to the bathrooms. Boy was I wrong! Past the bathrooms there is the rest of this HUGE park. It had like five more smaller playgrounds!!! A river running through it and lots of merry go rounds!

Isn't this weeping willow just beautiful?!

Just one of the things I love about my in-laws... their sense of humor!!!

Daddy seemed to spot something interesting in the stream

Tada!!! Super dad!

This is some of the cuteness we experienced while indoors. Grandma Carol is smart and got out some bowls and spoons for miss Kayla to play with. This is what she did with the bowl...

spoons and a bowl hhhmmm?

hey... I think my face might fit in there...

Yep!.... It does

They love each other so much!

We had an extra bonus to our trip to the park. My husband said "hey that kid over there looks like Kai!" I took a look and sure enough it was my nephew Kai that lives their in Mason city! It was so wonderful to see him and get to see his mom and sisters as well. What a blessing!

Mini vacation part 1

We took a long weekend (Fri-Mon) and went up for a much needed visit with Grandma and Grandpa Scherb! Before we got to their house in Rockwell we made a detour to visit the graves of Josh's grandparents in Waverly. While we were there we made a stop for lunch at Kids Kingdom! Oh this was fun! Just look at these cuties enjoying this great park. (massive amount of photo's WARNING)

We started off with the swings!

Mom its too bright!

oh your shadow makes it so much better!

new swing


look at that expression!

she has recently learned how to clap and practiced all weekend!

getting you!

Sister joined the fun

She is such a good big sister!

Kiara's turn


hey look its daddy!!!!

And after some good old fashion chase me all over the playground. We found this gem! The parallel bars were my specialty as a child! I had fun teaching Kiara some of the tricks I remember.

And then they became models for mommy!

this is what I got when I told her to strike a pose

this one reminds me of something you'd see in old Hollywood

silly girl

I loved all the angles of this place

 We found this great old stump, an even better place for them to be models!

I love how Kayla's little legs stick straight out

This one is my personal favorite of her from the trip

she also recently learned "So BIG"
I have a feeling we'll be making more tips to Waverly this summer on our way up to see the Scherbs. I don't know that we have a kids kingdom around Des Moines but personally this family wouldn't mind if one sprouted up soon.