Saturday, August 20, 2011


Here's a few photo updates from the Scherb's summer

Kiara had a small birthday party when we got back from our vacation, at her favorite location Chuck E Cheese

She's really into Hello Kitty these days

We also made tie dye shirts with my best friend Chrissi in celebration of Kiara's birthday. It was the first time Kiara and I had done this and it was so much fun. Thanks Chrissi!

Can you see the green "K" ???

Kayla's pink green and white onesie on the right is my favorite.

Josh and I have been cooking quite a bit this summer. Our favorite way to cook is grilling! On this evening we prepared fresh green beans in a skillet (sauteed with olive oil, fresh garlic and soy sauce), some quick pasta and grilled deliciously seasoned chicken breast.

We made our annual trip to the Iowa state fair! The fair is something I look forward to each year. Kiara was pretty excited to go this year too.

This race car ride was the first one Kiara choose. It was pure joy to watch the excitement on her face as she rode the ride.

Kiara's second ride of choice. The helicopter!

Look how high this ride goes! She was such a brave girl and rode all by herself!!!

Were getting excited for the upcoming fall activities, but still very sad to think summer is almost over. Josh can't wait for football season to start and were both very excited for our bible study to begin next Tuesday.

Well that's all folks!

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