Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Family Night

We decided to start having official family nights. At first we were going to do Sundays but have since switched it to Mondays. What this means for our family is that there will be nothing electronic used in our house that evening. Which means no computer, no tv,  no video games, and no movies. It ensures that we spend quality time with each other and with our children.

On our first Family Night we played candy land and guess who. Then moved on to coloring together at the kitchen table. Here are some pics of our fun night.

Kiara's before and after pics. She is really honing that coloring skill of hers

 Silly Daddy's before and after photo's.

Mommy's (almost finished) picture

The table gets a little cluttered but its so sweet to have us all together at the table!

 Our second Family Night was at Incredible Pizza. Where we had the buffet for dinner and spent a hour playing video games together. Unfortunately my camera is a lot of maintenance in a place like this so there is no photo's of our fun.

I'm looking forward to next Mondays Family Night. Does anyone have any fun ideas for it?


  1. great idea! i want to come over for family night! lol that it's fall, a fun thing would be to carve pumpkins... around Thanksgiving you can do some craft to symbolize what you are thankful for... reading stories...making desserts (cookies)...talent show....write a family song (josh can play the drums) you tell i could just go on and on?!

  2. Thanks Hannah! Those are great idea's. I may come re-read your comment on Sunday nights to figure out what were going to do on that Monday. LOL I think we'll pick up a pumpkin for her next Monday, however we may skip the actual carving. She got one of those sets that you just stick the parts into the pumpkin. Her's is a black cat!