Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First shared bath time!

When Kiara was less than six months old, I took a bath with her.  I was laying back in the bathtub and had her on my tummy face down towards me. The water did not come up over me so I thought there was no danger of her putting her face in it. But, some water gathered on my chest and she did a head dip and took a breath when she did it. She choked! And turned blue!!! I've never been so scared in my ENTIRE life. As I pounded her back I yelled for help. Her father ran in grabbed her and continued to give her back blows.... She finally took a breath.

I cried and cried and cried.  And NEVER put her in the bath with me again.

I've been a bit paranoid about my children and bath safety ever since that traumatic event with Kiara. 
Well, I took on the task of bathing both of my girls together for the first time the other day. I must admit I was a little nervous. Kiara is pretty hyper and I worried about being able to keep Kayla safe while in the tub with Kiara. But it turned out wonderfully! Kiara did well with staying calm and following my directions on keeping Kayla safe. And they both had lots of fun!!!

I just think she's so darn tootin cute!

pretty little smile

Look at how Kayla watches everything Kiara does, she really loves her big sister!

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  1. Your girls are BEAUTIFUL! They are both so cute. Great pictures. I love when they get to do things together. I leave my kids in the bath for a long time because everyone it happy ;)