Thursday, July 26, 2012

13 months and growing fast

This post is mostly going to be for my memory because Kayla is growing so fast and I am so bad with remembering dates and times. Just one of the many reasons I love blogs.

Kayla is 1 year 1 month 2 weeks and 3 days old today.

She has grown so much in this last month or so it amazes me.

At her one year check up on 6/21/12 she weighed in at 19lbs 15oz 50% with a length of 29.5 inches 56% and a head circumference of 17.5 inches 43%

In a year Kayla has gained 9.8lbs and grown 8 inches taller and her head has gotten about three inches larger. She gained more weight in the 9 months in my tummy than she did in the 12 months out here.

So as we have noticed she is a peanut. Not really as she is close to average all the way across the board but she was born so stinking big it just seems as if she's a peanut now that she is not in the 90% of everything.

Some note worthy accomplishment include...

1. Kayla is.fully weened!
I say that with excitement but at the same time sadness. I never thought I would ever feel sad about weening! I mean what's there to be sad about right... I get my body back, no more inconvenient nursing breaks, no more having to "hide" while out in public to nurse, no more battling with the nursing cover. But I am sad because that was such a special bonding time with Kayla. It was a just her and I thing. A snuggle and cuddle thing. A I'm providing for the needs of my baby thing. It was a love thing. And I will miss it.

2. Kayla now has her own bedroom!
Well not exactly her "own" room but she is no longer right next to mommy and daddy's bed. We moved Kayla's crib into her big sister Kiara's room. Now both of my little girls play and sleep in the same room. This move had some really great benefits. 1. I get my bedroom back! Some space of my own is nice. 2. I can have access to my bedroom even when she is down for a nap. One not so great thing about the move is that Kiara gets up earlier than Kayla and wakes her up :( Were all adjusting

3. I'm finally getting Kayla to drink whole milk!
When we began to ween, Kayla wanted nothing to do with whole milk and fought the weening process. Can't say I blame her, my milk is probably a whole lot better then that cows milk ;) I tried for about 2-3 weeks before I gave in and bought....OVALTINE!!! It says it has healthy stuff in it (you know vitamins and minerals, etc) and she will drink it. So I try to get in at least one cup a day along with other dairy.

Kayla LOVES:

Oh wow! I'm sure some of you have heard me explain how much of an obsession this girl has with babies but I don't think anyone can really understand it until you've spent a day in my shoes.
1. When she wakes up the first thing she does is too look up at the picture of herself as a  newborn baby and says baby! baby! BABY!!!
2. She will get really excited and began the same baby! baby! BABY!!! every time she sees a baby in a book, magazine, pictures on my phone, photos online, ANYWHERE.
3. If there is a baby in the general vicinity of where she is, she begins her mission to get to the baby, touch the baby, squeeze the baby, pick up the baby, hug the baby and kiss the baby.
4. She plays with her and her sisters baby dolls all day long. We keep one in the car just so she doesn't have to go without having a baby by her side.

she maintained her composure for a moment...

but then could no longer contain herself, she just had to touch him!
It may not sound like it but I really love how much she loves babies. She is genuinely loving towards them, and completely adorable when she hugs and kisses them. On the other hand it can be a struggle when babies are round because she has not mastered the gentleness she needs to keep them safe. So I have to be ever mindful of her every move.

This one is pretty new. We've been to the splash park, the big pool and spent many afternoons in baby pools. But it wasn't until this last week that her love for playing in water really grew. We spent two days playing in our friends baby pools and boy did she have a blast! She lost her fear for the water completely and didn't even seem to mind that one of the days the water was pretty cold. She learned how to climb in and out of the pool, which seemed to fascinate her. She sat down, stood up, splashed around, and even dipped her face in (she was trying to drink it, yuck!)  I loved watching her. Her face lit up with joy!

This girl is so silly. She adores bananas. You should see the excitement on her face every morning that she has a banana. I used to cut it up for her but now I just brake it in half and hand it to her and she double fists it.

check out those cute pigtails

playing dress up

Baby babble...
Kayla's vocabulary continues to grow.

  1.  momma
  2. baby
  3. upa (up)
  4. all bun (all done)
  5. kkkiiii cccaaa (kitty cat)
  6. ella (what she calls dogs)
  7. bbbkkkk (bike)
  8. ball
  9. she used to say dada but has somehow lost her interest/ability to say her d's hence her problem with "all done"
The fun part is how much her non verbal communication is growing

  1. shakes her head "no"
  2. signs "more"
  3. signs "please"
  4. makes the sound you make when you just took a big drink and it was satisfying "tttt aaahhh", when she wants a drink
  5. points to...EVERYTHING
  6. brings me her shoes when she wants to go outside (I love this)
  7. makes a funny quacking sound when she sees ducks or anything she thinks looks similar to a duck
  8. makes a funny barking sound when she sees dogs

Kayla is learning her body parts too! She can point to her nose (she just figured out how to stick her finger up it, hopefully that wont last!), her ear, her belly button and her hair!

As I've mentioned before Kayla gives great hugs but they somehow have gotten even better. She is such a lover! She will now give them to me on her own as well as when I request them. I can even request "squeezy hugs" and she will wrap her arms around my neck and squeeze as hard as she can. I melt.

She also has learned the art of the closed lip kiss, not that I didn't love her open mouth slobbery kisses but these ones are even better. She sucks her bottom lip in to make the kissy sound and leans towards you to let you know she wants a kiss. I double melt.


Kayla has become quite the picky eater I'm fairly certain that she makes up her mind on weather or not she will like the food based on how it looks at the moment. There are days she will refuse to eat something she loved the night before. Ugh!  So eating is a hit and miss. I take comfort in the fact that I can always fall back on fruit and PB&J

Spaghetti is one of the few things she never turns down

I love her more than any amount of words in a blog could ever explain. Thank you Jesus for this sweet little girl.

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