Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm so blessed to be called mommy

I really can't remember how I felt before I had children. Sometimes I think aahhh wouldn't it be nice to just have one day... one day where my only responsibility was me.... 

Not like "send the kids to the grandparents" and have one day alone type of day.  But a day were my mind didn't know they existed.  There would be no thoughts of... are they ok? Are they behaving well? Who needs a bath next? Did I make sure they packed their toothbrushes? When was the last time I picked out Kiara's hair? Do they miss me? Wonder what time they'll be home?


A day where it's just me

(...doing what?.... I don't know.  What did I do before I was blessed with children? What in the world did I do with all those free hours? I mean I know I worked but what about the other 16 hours in the day? I bet I slept more.)

 The truth is that, that is the only way it would truly be, just me. If I had no memory of them.  Because after Christ and my husband they are my world! And I don't want to know what life would be like with out them now. 

I am so blessed to be called mommy by these two beautiful little girls

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