Monday, August 20, 2012

Iowa State Fair Extravangza

This year the girls and I went to the fair with my family (Dad + Diane, my sister Jenn + Chris + J.J + Ana, my sister Amanda + Ben + Parker) that's right 12 people total at one of the busiest days of the fair. We arrived around 11am and managed to stay all together for an hour, max. Then we split off and I stayed with Jenn and her family until around 5pm or so then the girls and I went and did our own thing till 9pm!!! It was a long fun day at the fair!

The girls and I discovered a "new" part of the fair this year. The helping hands farm! The girls had a blast doing all the chores a farmer would do, along with selling produce at the market and earning money.

I love the Iowa state fair! I think I could go at least three times a year and be happy, but this year it was just once so we had to make all 10hrs count. And boy did we!

Massive photo warning!

Amanda and Parker

Cute cousins Kiara and Ana

Tough boy J.J next to the flowers

Love her smile

My Dad Rod next to the "back to the food car"

The kids got a kick out of  being able to get in the real race car

Can you tell he's excited!

Such a cutie in the car

I have a picture of Kiara on this same elephant when she was 2

He was so cool in his army gear

My kids love the fountains

This one makes me laugh! She's trying to put her head in the water

Getting ready to ride the dragon roller-coaster

look at the anticipation on her face!

She joyfully screamed the entire time

Here's all the little hands on the farm photos...

carefully selecting her "seeds" to plant

Kayla was eager to join the fun

Picking their veggies

she loved that basket full of veggies

getting busy driving the tractor

she thought it was great that she got to milk the cow and only water came out

After selling their produce they both got a "dollar" to buy an item from the store, they choose bomb pops!

Such funny expressions from this girl

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  1. Adorable. You must email me some of those pictures. :)