Saturday, November 17, 2012


Since summer is officially over (yes this has been a hard reality for me to grasp) we've been enjoying some play time indoors. When I was younger the malls were the place to go to hang out and meet up with other teens, as I grew older I became aware that malls were the place you went when you had lots of extra cash to blow. Which is why I didn't frequent them for some years. But over the past few years I've learned that malls have a new use, they are a great place to meet up with other mom friends! You can let the kids play at the play centers and have a fairly good chance of having a semi uninterrupted conversation!

Here's a few from my time with my faithful sister in Christ Lauren 

And just a few from our time with my sister and niece. 

Cousin Jordyn joined us for a play date. Then the poor girl got scolded by a  mall cop because she was "too old" to play on it. Poo! She was just trying to be a good cousin and play with the young kids. I felt bad for her but her attitude was great and she found a way to play with them without breaking "the rules". Thanks for being so sweet Jordyn!

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