Saturday, May 12, 2012


Easter "brings out" many religious people, however a relationship with Jesus Christ takes much more than one day of church, a facebook status or saying a prayer. It's a daily commitment to repent of your sin, love others and put your trust in Him who paid it all.
(The former is originally a post I put on facebook.)

I can remember a time when I didn't acknowledge that, that was true. I can remember a time when I was one of those people who only went to church on Christmas and Easter. I can remember a time when I only prayed when things got bad. I can remember a time when I was not living within the Lord's GRACE. 

Praise be to the one who paid it all. Who sent me His spirit so I didn't have to keep on living in darkness, in the shadow of my own drama!

Our family enjoyed a wonderful Easter celebration.

Which started off on Monday the 2nd, coloring eggs and decorating holders for our family night. 

Then continued during the week when Kiara made this fun school project! 

A pan of shaving cream, add lines of food coloring, swirl colors together, cut desired shape out of card stock and press gently into shaving cream. Let it sit for a few seconds, then carefully lift and let it sit with paint/shaving cream mixture on it for a few mins before using a squeegee (we used a spatula) to scrap off the mixture.

Next we cut out and colored our "He is Risen" letters during our co-op preschool with our friend Asa. As we talked all about what the Lord did for us on the cross and what "He is Risen" means

After church on Easter Sunday we spent time with my family. Were the kids had a fun Easter egg hunting and we all enjoyed a wonderful meal.

there were some moments like this...

but most of them were like this!

getting one with all the grandchildren was difficult!

alright I'm bored with taking pictures

We thank Jesus daily for His sacrifice but it is so sweet to have a special day to focus on it!

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