Saturday, April 21, 2012

10 months plus!

I'm usual!
Better late than never!
Kayla is 10 months old!!! (on the 9th)
She cut three more teeth today (the top two middle ones and the top second left one) She now has 6 teeth!!!

I love her so much!!!

Recently she loves...
most toys in general
playing with her sister Kiara
standing up holding on to furniture or walls or the refrigerator
playing by herself
taking all the magnets off the refrigerator
playing with mommy
playing with daddy
Getting into the trash can, yuck!
taking all the books out of the book shelf
playing peek a boo
squeezing mommy's nose... weird I know.

I love her so much!!!

She still loves...
taking everything off the lower kitchen shelves
pulling her sister Kiara's hair
playing so big
waving bye bye
taking everything off her sister Kiara's school shelf
playing with her ears
playing with cell phones and remotes

I love her so much!!!

My personal favorites to watch is when she...
takes all the DVD's out of the entertainment center and tosses them behind her
romps(= jumping, rolling, bouncing, climbing, crawling and burring her head into the blankets) all over mommy and daddy's bed, this is one of my favorite things EVER!

When she makes this face!!!

I love her so much!!!

I'm so thankful the Lord blessed me with a baby girl with so much personality!!!
She makes me laugh daily and warms my heart hourly!
We are truly so excited to continue to watch her grow.

I love her so much!!!


  1. Ohmygosh that face is HILARIOUS!! I love it!!

  2. Dude yeah, that face is unbelievably awesome.