Saturday, December 3, 2011

Kayla eats!!!

Kayla began eating baby food!!! She started right before her five month mark. I'm making her food at home rather than buying it. The cost alone is worth it but it is also nice to know exactly what she's eating. We started off with sweet potatoes. And she loves them!

Here's how I did it...
I baked three large sweet potatoes, peeled them, cut them and dropped them in my little food chopper. Then I added a little formula milk to thin them out and poured them into my just washed ice cube trays. Wrapped them in plastic wrap and put them in the freezer for a few hours. Once they were frozen I popped them out of the trays and put them all in a large plastic zip lock baggies and put them back in the freezer. When we want to feed her we just grab two or three of them (their about 1oz each) and pop them in the microwave on defrost. So easy!!!

We were only feeding her once every other day. But now, that she will be turning 6 months next week she will start having it everyday, and soon, a couple times a day. When I choose to nurse or I should say I prayed to be able to nurse, my goal was to do so for the first six months. I needed a goal as I knew it would be a challenge. But now that I'm about there the goal is getting extended to nine months. I'm so thankful the Lord answered those prayers it truly is a blessing being able to nurse.

Next we did butternut squash. Used the same process and she likes those as well.


  1. April, rejoicing with you that you've been able to nurse Kayla! And so awesome that you are extending your goal! I've been so blessed by the sweet time with my boys while nursing, it's a gift from the Lord! Noah nursed until after his first birthday and I didn't realize how much I missed having a nursing baby until Carter was born, it really is a sweet part of mothering little ones. I'm going to try your baby food making process in a few months, thanks for sharing!

  2. You're amazing for making it on your own!!