Saturday, May 30, 2015

Golden Ticket for a Golden Birthday

My blogging skill have seriously been lacking this last year but I really want the memories in blog form so I can look back on them, so the slow process of catch up is beginning. So the next few post will be some of the highlights from the last year!

My sweet Kiara turned 7 on 7/07 last year which meant golden birthday time. And what better way to celebrate such a fun birthday than Willy Wonka Style!

I being the slight party crazy person that I am decided to go for some big fun!

We started off with some fun party invites. Thanks to Grandma Diane for these golden tickets!

When the lucky finders of the golden tickets arrived they were asked to sign our teeny, tiny, little contract.

Then they were welcomed to step into our "Mike TeeVee" photo booth!

Then they all had fun exploring the chocolate factory finding their favorite candies...

At the taffy pulling wall.

With their tushes during the balloon pop!

At the overflowing chocolate river

 and at the wonka lishish candy table!

Momma's favorite was the lickable wallpaper! 

Willy Wonka showed up to the party just in time!

 This was the little ladies room oompa Loompa's room

There was "candy" everywhere!

As our guest left the wonka factory we made sure they picked up their wonka bar.

It was so much fun celebrating the 7 years of life with this sweet girl. Happy Birthday Kiara!

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