Saturday, February 15, 2014

Shmo #3

I thought it about time to celebrate the new life God is growing within me here on my blog! That's right the Scherbs are expecting "Shmo #3". (The term Shmo came from their daddy who loving began referring to our children by this nickname a few years back.)

Josh and I found out we were expecting on October 3rd 2013 and since I never believe the first home test, we confirmed with a second the next day. 

Baby number 3 is due on Big sister Kayla's Birthday, June 9th! However due to birth complications (shoulder dystocia) with Kayla, baby number three most likely won't be allowed to stay snug within me past week 39 (June 2nd).  I am actually praying that my body will do something a little different this time around and I will not only go into labor naturally but early! Healthy early that is, like May 30th.

This pregnancy has been very different from the first two, it has been a journey of completely trusting in the Lord, my rock and shelter! Physically it started off very rough lots of nausea and vomiting by week 5 and lasted through week 13. Phew! that was not a fun fall season. But it was so great that it really did end with the start of the second trimester. (With Kayla's pregnancy it lasted up till the 9th month but was not as intense.)

We got our first peek at baby at a 6 week ultrasound. We were ruling out any early complications like a tubal pregnancy, due to some pain I was having.  It was so great to see the tiny bean-like shmo!

At our first midwife appointment, 11 weeks, we couldn't find baby's heartbeat! Three days later at the follow up appointment, still no heartbeat! So we had an ultrasound set up for four days later but that's not exactly what the Lord had in mind. Cause three days later I was in the E.R getting that ultrasound. Long story short we had a carbon monoxide leak in our home and due to being pregnant, my length of exposure and feeling very off, we spent the night at the emergency room. After three hours of oxygen we finally got to see our sweet baby moving around with a strong heart beat of 141!!!

 The second trimester has been much kinder to my body and I have felt pretty well except for all the silly Iowa winter sicknesses!

I began to feel the first flutters of baby's movement around week 15. And began to really show by week 18. And we had our super long super fun ultrasound at week 20 and found out Shmo #3 is a GIRL!

And this week, week 23, Josh got to feel her move inside my tummy! I'm getting pretty excited to meet this new little girl, only 15-16 more weeks!!!

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