Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Terrific Two's!

My little girl is going to be two in a few hours!!!

As I type that my head fills with wonderful memories of her birth. Even though it ended up being quite a traumatic birth I still love remembering every part of it.... ok well maybe not every part. But overall my favorite part of having a baby is the birthing experience. I'm really not a fan of the nine months leading up to it. But there is just something magical about giving birth and spending two days alone with your husband and beautiful new gift from God! (I guess your not really alone with all the family visiting and nurse's poking and prodding at you) BUT you don't have to follow your typical routine or clean your house or make meals etc... You get to snuggle, gaze, fall in love and snuggle some more!

Wow how has it been two years since I did all that with my sweet Kayla?! These last two years have been so much fun! I really have enjoyed every minute of watching this adorable little girl grow.

Ok enough with all the lovey mush here are some fun facts!

  • She still LOVES her binki (were working on helping her say good-bye)
  • She will volunteer to go "night night" because she knows that means she gets her beloved binki!
  • I could kiss and snuggle her all day long, if she'd let me!
  • She still likes Elmo but doesn't seem quite as obsessed. It is usually her go to song "la la la la, la la la la, Elmo's song"
  • She does like to sing and has added "holy holy holy" to her list
  • She is currently cutting all four of her 2 yr molars
  • She is not quite sure what to think about all the packing we are doing and seems to have no understanding at all to the whole moving concept
  • She now has a love/hate relationship with her big sister and we are currently working on not hitting
  • She has learned to say "my turn" rather than the "MINE" she used to shout, to which we are thankful
  • She loves her daddy but is still a momma's girl!
  • She makes me laugh every... single... day!!!
  • She LOVES her big baby's first words book and can now find and point to each picture when asked where it is. As well as getting better as saying what each photo is.
  • She continues to be a picky eater, except with snacks of course!
  • She looooves going outside to play. Riding the big wheel and swinging are still her favorite activities. She is still skeptical about slides and will pick and choose which one's she thinks are safe to go down.
  • She has become partial to one blanket, its a crocheted pink one, but for the life of me I can't remember who gave it to her. (Sorry)
  • She likes to sit on my lap but I usually have to beg for snuggles :(
  • She is spunky! She likes to run and jump and dance
  • I adore her smile!
  • When I ask her how old she is going to be she will reply "two!... one, two! Eat cake!" (We have had her cupcakes on top of the fridge for a few days and she is patiently waiting to eat them!)

She has yet to have her 2 year check up so I'll update this with stats when we get them. Here's a look at how she's grown over the last year...

June 1yr

July 13months

August 14months

September 15months

October 16months

November 17months

December 18months

January 19months

February 20months

March 21months

April 22months

May 23months

June 2yrs

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