Friday, February 1, 2013

I LOVE babies!

As the title says... I love babies. Therefor I love baby showers. I also love to throw parties! Which of course means... I love to host baby showers! This is one of the ways, that the Lord has given me, to be able to serve. And I have been blessed to do it several times.

The last one I had the pleasure of helping with was the wonderful "Proud as a Peacock" theme. In honor of Anita and soon to be baby Stella. Not only do I love the decor part of parties but I really love the fellowship I get with the wonderful women whom I host with. With this particular party I got a whole afternoon (kid free) of fellowship with two dear friends, Lauren and Sara,  as we planned, shopped and had lunch! Such a blessing to this stay at home mom!

I searched the wonderful world wide web for all things peacock. We decided that I would make a fruit pizza, I mean who doesn't love a fruit pizza! All the goodness of a pure sweet treat with slightly less guilt due to the abundance of fruit toppings. I was fairly disappointed at the lack of peacock themed baby shower ideas that I found. I was determined to make a peacock fruit pizza so I did my best to study some circle shaped peacock images and was very pleased with the outcome. And best of all, it tasted de-lish!

Peacock Fruit Pizza!

"Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you" Jeremiah 1:5

The beautiful handy work of Melissa!

Anita's son Rocky is still under a year old so the other hosts and I though this ovulation predictor would bring laughter to Anita. We added it to her "mommas gift".  It gave all in attendance a good chuckle.
I  had a lovely time celebrating with Anita and look forward to adding another baby girl to our community group! Growing the Lord's kingdom of disciples with these women is such a blessing to my heart!

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