Sunday, January 1, 2012


I've got to get better at getting this blog done on a more regular basis!!!

So here it is The Scherbs Thanksgiving post...

Kiara made some great school crafts in the month of Nov. focusing on thanking our Lord Christ!

We enjoyed a total of three "thanksgivings" One with my Backous side, then a visit to my best friend Chrissi's family and then one with my mom's side of the family.

We had a wonderful celebration at my aunt Leann's and uncle Denny's. I love being able to see all my Backous side of the family!

My cousin Ryan's wife Laura, holding baby Kayla

My cousin Michael John's daughter Marena, playing with baby Kayla

Uncle Chris playing with baby Kayla (so sweet)

My sister Jenn and her youngest Ana

Jenn and our cousin Gary's youngest, Piper

Some the Ladies playing some cards

My father and I

Kiara enjoying some of the fun dress up clothes at aunt Leann's house

one of our first attempts at getting a photo of all our little girls

Well their all there but not all of them are so chipper about it ;)

this is my brother from another mother, Nick meeting and holding Kayla for the first time

Nick's daughter, everybody calls her sissy, and Kiara were born one day a part. Wish they lived closer, I know they would be great friends.

Chrissi and I

My family on my momma's side. Front row Uncle Andy, Kayla, my mom Laurie, Kiara Back row Andy's daughter Ashlyn, My aunt's son Camren

photo taking has never been a easy thing for our family ;)

 We were so thankful for the time we were able to spend with all our family!!!

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