Monday, June 27, 2011

I love the Art Festival!

We went to art fest this last Friday.
Parking was a pain and everything was expensive, but I loved every minute of it!!!

This was the first year Kiara was out of the stroller (cause Kayla was in it ;) so I was a bit more nervous about watching her every move. But being out of the stroller ment she was also old enough to really enjoy some of the kids booths.

She made a flower,a sticker, a bottle cap bug and decorated a pair of sunglasses.

But her favorite part had nothing to do with the festival, as it is always there, the water!!!

I love being able to try different foods. This year I choose the curry chicken with purple rice from cafe fuzion. It was really good and spicy!

It was so busy down there but we still managed to meet up with our bible study group, our good friends the Deutmeyers and see a few other brothers and sisters from the DTC.

The Lord blessed us with a wonderful evening with great weather and amazing company!

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  1. I cried. WWHHHYYY????!!!! omgosh, i love you so much. I JUST LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!